ASSUN DC Servo Controller

There are three types of Assun Servo Controller, all could achieve precision Position/Torque/Speed control, difference are in communication protocol.As the controller dimaneison is very compact, so there are three models […]

SANYO DENKI Releases Three Splash Proof Fan

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SANMOTION K DC servo motors

SANMOTION K The SANMOTION K DC servo motors achieve smooth operation, high efficiency, and low noise. These motors are suitable for applications requiring high precision, including precision measuring instruments and […]

Outer Rotor BLDC Motor

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BHA servo actuators offer permanent precision

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Space-Grade FPGAs from Xilinx Supported by Latest Additions to Teledyne e2v’s Semiconductor Product Portfolio

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Using gears in the military

Over the next decade, the UK will spend £178 billion on military equipment. This equipment may range from torches to high calibre weapons, but it all requires high quality manufacturing […]

Redesigning the gear

Sometimes, you only need one small innovation to make something revolutionary. Sliced bread, for example, simply took a stroke of inspiration for Otto Rohwedder to combine automatic bread wrapping equipment […]